在此特別紀錄賓州大學的中英文詞性列表,以方便查詢,上圖是英文的詞性列表 (POS tagset),說明如下:

英文詞性列表 (POS tagset):

1. CC 連接詞 (Coordinating conjunction) and
2. CD 數字 (Cardinal number) one, two, three
3. DT 定冠詞 (Determiner) the
4. EX 代表有東西存在的there (Existential there) there
5. FW 外來字 (Foreign word) jieba (中文:結巴)
6. IN 介係詞或者從屬連接詞 (Preposition or subordinating conjunction) in (in the park)
7. JJ 形容詞 (Adjective) simple
8. JJR 比較級形容詞 (Adjective, comparative) simpler
9. JJS 最高級形容詞 (Adjective, superlative) simplest
10. LS 列表符號 (List item marker) 1.
11. MD 助動詞 (Modal) can
12. NN 單數名詞 (Noun, singular or mass) car or people
13. NNS 複數名詞 (Noun, plural) cars
14. NNP 單數專有名詞 (Proper noun, singular)  
15. NNPS 複數專有名詞 (Proper noun, plural)  
16. PDT 前限定詞 (Predeterminer) both or a lot of
17. POS Possessive ending  
18. PRP 人稱代名詞 (Personal pronoun) I, he, she, you
19. PRP$ 所有格代名詞 (Possessive pronoun) her, his
20. RB 副詞 (Adverb) early
21. RBR 比較級副詞 (Adverb, comparative) earlier
22. RBS 最高級副詞 (Adverb, superlative) earliest
23. RP 字尾 (Particle)  
24. SYM 符號 (Symbol) !
25. TO 代表 to 這個字 (to) to
26. UH 感嘆詞 (Interjection) wow
27. VB 動詞, 原型 (Verb, base form) have
28. VBD 動詞,過去式 (Verb, past tense) had
29. VBG 動詞,進行式或現在分詞 (Verb, gerund or present participle) having
30. VBN 動詞,過去分詞 (verb, past participle) taken
31. VBP 動詞非第三人稱單數 (Verb, non-3rd person singular present) take
32. VBZ 動詞第三人稱單數 (Verb, 3rd person singular present) takes
33. WDT Wh開頭的定冠詞 (Wh-determiner) what (What is the car?)
34. WP Wh開頭的代名詞 (Wh-pronoun) which (Take a rest which is the best choice)
35. WP$ 所有格 (Possessive wh-pronoun) whose
36. WRB Wh開頭的副詞 (Wh-adverb) who


中文詞性列表 (Chinese POS tagset):

1. AD 副詞 (adverb)
2. AS aspect marker
3. BA 把 (in ba-construction)
4. CC 對等連接詞 (coordinating conjunction)
5. CD 數字 (cardinal number) 一百
6. CS 從屬連接詞 (subordinating conjunction) 虽然
7. DEC 的 (in a relative-clause)
8. DEV 地 (before VP)
9. DT 定冠詞 (determiner)
10. ETC for words 等, 等等 等, 等等
11. FW foreign words  A
12. IJ interjection 哈哈
13. JJ other noun-modifer
14. LB 被 in long bei-const
15. LC localizer
16. M measure word
17. MSP other particle
18. NN common noun 工作
19. NR proper noun 中国
20. NT temporal noun 目前
21. OD ordinal number 第一
22. ON 狀聲詞 (onomatopoeia)  
23. P Prepositions (excluding 把 and 被)
24. PN 代名詞 (pronoun)
25. PU 標點符號 (punctuation) 标点
26. SB 被 in short bei-const
27. SP sentence-final particle
28. VA 述語形容詞 (predicative adjective)
29. VC copula
30. VE 有 as the main verb
31. VV other verbs
32. X numbers and units, mathematical sign 59mm



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2. https://verbs.colorado.edu/chinese/


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